Looking for low cost – high ROI marketing ideas that will get your brand or product noticed?

You’ve come to the right place!

Check out these fun and affordable guerrilla style marketing strategies and tactics for entrepreneurs and small businesses.


1. Turn A Building Into A Giant Outdoor Advertisement

It could be your home, your place of business, a local non-profit building or a foreclosure property. Use signs, graffiti or creatively drape it with other materials to grab the attention of foot and auto traffic. This can be free, free if sponsored by a local printer or strategic partner, or low cost by simply offering a donation to the building owner.


2. Hijack Diners Waiting To Eat

There are few things more tedious than waiting 45 minutes at a restaurant to get seated for dinner. This is the perfect captive audience that is dying for diversion. Mazda recently capitalized on this with its �?Take6’ campaign which offered on site test drives to those waiting to eat in exchange for gift cards or free desserts. Whatever your product is, use this guerrilla marketing tactic to take it to the consumer, even if it’s just on your iPad and serve up the experience to an eager audience.


3. Brand Tattoos

Tattoos have not only become acceptable in the corporate world, they are perhaps at their trendiest ever. Leverage this by tattooing your logo on your arm, talking your staff into doing the same or even collaborating with local tattoo artists, tattoo convention organizers and radio stations to offer free tattoos of your logo for a day. If you have to wimp out, and aren’t that confident in your business idea then use temporary tattoos.

Look out for G-Code’s special report on Brand Tattoos & Entrepreneurs featuring some of the top up and coming CEOs and new startups.


4. Fun-Tak

You can have a lot of fun promoting your business with fun-tak. Dubbed one of Top 10 CEOs to watch in 2013, and head of one of American Express’ New York’s Top Lady Led Startups, Lori Cheek has used this sticky adhesive to plaster her brand and business cards everywhere. Have fun with it, be creative, and who know where it could take you.


5. Get Celebrity Tweets

The credibility and visibility borrowing celebrity endorsements can bring is huge. It’s said a Kim Kardashian or 50 Cent Tweet is worth over $10,000. It can cost far more than that to get some type of package deal to have a celebrity endorse your product or service going through regular channels. However, simply hanging out in the right places, i.e. South Beach, Miami, 5th Avenue New York or Naples, FL, or even at Disney World can put you shoulder to shoulder with plenty of celebs in comfortable surroundings in which they may just do you a favor of Tweeting about your brand for fun.


6. Inked Stamps

Inked Stamps might seem a little old school and useless for addressing mail, but creatively applied can be a great way to spread the buzz about your brand and ensure prospects don’t forget your website address or Twitter handle. Stamp napkins when you are out, stamp drink cups at the gas station, stamp people’s hands, heads and arms.


7. Start A Community Group

Community groups are a great way to not only gain a captive audience and increase expert status, they can really help build relationships which can get others to want to market for you without even having to ask. This could be a training course, networking group, golfing squad, softball team or simply a mastermind group of local business owners that strategize and collaborate together.


8. Use 3D Outdoor Advertising

If you’re really innovative and enjoy art brainstorm a creative 3D outdoor advertising idea, and turn boring static bus, subway, bench and billboard ads into brain bending and breathtaking sculptures. Check out 80 great outdoor advertising stunts in pictures.


9. Publiseek

Publiseek offers a sweet, power packed platform for getting promoted by popular publications and attracting accomplished guest bloggers. Best of all it’s free, at least for now.


10. Insane Value Packed Giveaways

Most consumers are so immune and turned off to any type of advertising or sales pitch today it is hard to get their attention, and even harder to get them to interact. A �?chance to win’ $500 or even $10,000 doesn’t get them to blink anymore. However, you can put together some pretty cool giveaways without going bankrupt.


Try bundling services or products form other new startups or companies willing to give away stuff to promote themselves. You can probably put together a whole Oscar worthy gift bag with a couple emails. Or give away something valuable and fun, that may not cost you anything extra like your maid or virtual assistant for a day, test driving a Ferrari, or use of your vacation condo on the beach.


11. Special Deliveries

One of the most effective of these types of tactics is targeting special delivery packages to influencers. Create specialized packaging for your products and send to early adopters. Use a strategy that will peak their interest and wow them with your creativity. Just stick with sending to a few key power players to keep the ROI up.

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