Mother’s Day ought to be far more of a big deal than its often given credit. The future of entrepreneurship and ethical business is in the hands of today’s moms…

Mothers, grandmothers, step moms, and great grandmothers are the guardians, coaches and inspiration of great entrepreneurs.

In Part 1 we laid out Why Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs

This is our tribute to Moms + Entrepreneurship for Mother’s

10 Entrepreneurial Quotes & Short Stories on Mother’s Day:


“My mother was a serial entrepreneur before I even knew what the word was. She had a regular 9 to 5 as a nurse, however I remember her always making homemade jams, specialty sauces and selling them to her co-workers. She would also sell specialty items from our native land in Haiti, and I remember as a kid her friends would always come by our home in South Florida to get these items only from my Mom. She was truly the most creative go getter I knew as a child. She has inspired me in becoming an entrepreneur. She was a hard worker and always told me that never be envious of what people have as you do not know what they had to do to get it. That has stuck with me this very day and I am thankful for my MOM the serial entrepreneur for leading me to this wonderful life of entrepreneurship.”



Women Entrepreneurs at Makers Coworking Space“Mothers definitely play a role in inspiring and empowering their children to become entrepreneurs.  Mothers have a natural instinct to nurture and support, and that can provide a solid foundation to their children to feel secure to go after their dreams.  I feel fortunate to have a mother that set an example of following her passions, and encouraged me to do the same.  Not only has she been supportive, but she is truly there for me and provides a sense of security during the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.”



My mom is my consigliere. The biggest decisions Ive ever made have always been based on her wisdom. Making mom proud has always been my motivation and it just so happens that it brings the best rewards personally, and financially.


Anthony Lolli, Founder and CEO of Rapid Realty ,2013 Entrepreneur of the Year


“My mom inspired me to be an entrepreneur. She has been a business owner most of my life. Growing up around it brought me a familiarity to entrepreneurship. Most of all, seeing her faith and determination inspired me to pursue my dreams. My mom has the strength and patience to raise a loving family while simultaneously building a successful business. I couldnt help but be inspired!”



“I’m the mom of a spunky little 12 year old girl. I am also a consultant for a brand new company ~ Beautycounter.  I am trying to teach my daughter to be self-sufficient as a young woman and give her a sense of entrepreneurship.  I do a lot of events and trade shows to showcase our products.  As long as I provide doughnuts, Jane comes with me at the crack of dawn to set up the tents and tables and precisely make the displays look nice.  I do give her some responsibility and I take her advice seriously.  She has absolutely come up with some ideas that I never would have thought of, so I value her opinions.  These things are a lot of work and the hours are long but she is right in there with me. Most importantly we pray for success, we pray for the tiny things and the big things.  I think that making her a part of what I do is giving her some positive lessons and hopefully she will have some experience dealing with people and business when she gets out there on her own.



It’s interesting how being a new mom and starting my own business oddly resemble one another.  When you really think about it, they aren’t really all that different. Possessing crucial knowledge about your “customer” and learning how to use it can help a mom and mompreneur build and deliver the precise solution that solves whatever need exists.  In both cases, your aim is to truly understand your target audience so that you can put out a product that will be exactly what they’re looking for.

Look out for article on Business Lessons from being a New Mother in Part 3

So how can we help more moms this Mother’s Day?



San Francisco based tech company Jawbone, claims Sequoia Capital as one of their funding partners. Right now they are giving a portion of every sale to non-profit organization ‘Every Mother Counts’

Every Mother Counts is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. They inform and raise funds that support maternal health programs around the world.


Heather and her 8 year old daughter (Carly the Co-CEO) are Helping Kids Become World Changing Entrepreneurs at Kidbacker, a new crowdfunding platform for the next generation of Young Entrepreneurs.


There are actually a lot of mothers behind G-Code Magazine. We thank them all. The readers who are mothers, the mothers of our readers and team members, and all those that contributed to this piece.

Dressed for SuccessSpecial thanks to my Mum, who taught me to work hard, essential organizational and practical skills for survival when bootstrapping a startup, to pray and find wisdom in the Bible, and to dress for success (check my awesome tie). She’s my Proverbs 31 mom; with strong arms, who always seems to be up working no matter what time zone I’m in.

Thanks to my grandmother for lessons on manners, love, and family.

To the mother of my kids who allows me to be a crazy entrepreneur, and takes care of all those things I can’t stomach like shots, doctor appointments, giving medicine, etc. so I can keep working on this.

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