Google just killed thousands of small businesses and may have just trashed your marketing strategy. So what are you going to do now, and how could there possibly be any reason to be happy about it?

The internet community has been whipped into a frenzy following Google???s unveiling of its new look for the Gmail inbox. Some have tried to down play the impact, others are determined to be optimistic, but every business owner, CEO and entrepreneur must be readying themselves for a major shift???

Has Google Gone Gaga with the New Gmail Makeover?

If you haven???t seen it yet the new Gmail inbox effectively banishes the majority of email messages from marketers and businesses to new spam folders, even for users that have doubled opted-in to your lists.

New tabs separate personal inbox messages from ???social???, ???promotions??? and ???updates???. This is where your messages will land.

Regardless of how optimistic executives and entrepreneurs are the bottom line is that this is going to have a substantial impact on email open rates and email marketing ROI.

There are workarounds and alternatives, and of course not every person on the planet uses Gmail, but ultimately this is a bad omen for those using email marketing as a main source of leads or business, that have invested heavily in list building and it could threaten to kill off many list providers and internet marketing blogs and companies that have built their businesses on helping others with their email marketing.

Why Hug a Google Founder Today?

How could anyone be upbeat about this new Google move, especially on the back of the latest Penguin 2.0 update that changed the search marketing game again?

Google???s founders have to be catching some serious flak from many angles, and even though this may pan out in the end they could probably really use a hug today.

However, really deserve to be commended today is that this is really the epitome of going out on a limb to deliver an excellent product or service. They know they will only retain users if they provide a service which protects them from spam and masses of junk mail and keeps on par with the competition.

Of course, this is probably just a side thought as there is clear money motivation in this roll out too. It smashes free email marketing and pushes advertisers to paid methods, including Google???s new ads which conveniently show up like emails in users??? inboxes (this is an easy way in ??? eliminating many steps and dollars associated with regular email marketing). So while Google???s motto may be ???Don???t be Evil???, and as Pope Francis would say ???Who am I to judge????, this isn???t as perplexing as a Muslim writing a biography on Jesus like Reza Aslan ??? it???s all about the money.

The Fix

This is clearly a deafening call for major adjustments to marketing strategy for all.

For those that are already feeling the pinch there are some quick tweaks to salvage lead flow:

  • Alert contacts to where and when their messages will be delivered
  • Create Gmail groups and send out emails manually if practical
  • Rush to get all email contacts engaged on social profiles as a better platform for updates
  • Add SMS alerts instead of email

Adopting A New Marketing Strategy

So if email marketing is dead, what???s next?

  1. Get serious about social and use Facebook???s paid options to increase reach
  2. If you can???t beat ???em join ???em and go with paid Google ads to get in inboxes
  3. Crank up your search marketing efforts and get better at content marketing
  4. Use Google+, Hangouts and groups to communicate your messages (still free)
  5. Get heavy handed with PR and invest in a press package that will raise visibility and pull in leads
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