Signpost "Content Marketing"How can you find more great guest blogging opportunities and rocket your online marketing ROI?


In the wake of new Google ranking changes and evolving consumer shopping trends guest blogging has not only emerged as one of the best inbound marketing methods but absolutely essential for those serious about thriving now, and surviving for the long run.


Why Startups & Small Businesses Can???t Afford To Ignore It


Done right blogging is a virtual gold mine. Just look at the Huffington Post???s $300M sales and Trulia???s recent acquisition of Market Leader ( for $355M, and these aren???t even the top blogs in the game.


Guest blogging now reigns as the top dog for inbound marketing and comes with many pros including:

  • Improved search engine optimization and Google rankings
  • Generating more inbound web traffic and leads
  • Enhancing branding, visibility and credibility
  • Improving conversion ratios
  • Maximizing marketing ROI


Sadly while there are endless volumes off blogging tips to be found online, there is virtually nothing on determining or improving guest blogging ROI. This means many are not just completely failing to see any tangible results from their floundering guest blogging efforts today, but worse, are burning a ton of working capital, burning out employees and vaporizing precious lead time.


wachsenThis is tragic considering that a few great guest blogs can go on generating real leads for years to come.


The worst thing you can do is stop blogging. It should be the heart of your entire online presence. Now people often check you blog first just to see when your last post was. It doesn???t matter if you are #1on Google, if your last blog was a year ago they???ll figure you are out of business, and head to the competition.


Guest blogging is like the veins that pump the life blood into the heart of your business. Without it you???re already done.



6 Tips To Rocket Your Guest Blogging Results Fast

(& SecureThe Best ROI In Your Industry)

1. Know How To Measure

You can???t get a handle on your ROI, or improve it, unless you know what to track. While pin pointing the exact figure can be tricky due to the wide variety of benefits guest blogging delivers sprinkled over time Mashable recommends using proxy metrics such as:

  • Facebook likes
  • ReTweets
  • Back links
  • Reblogs
  • Time on page
  • Comments
  • Page views
  • Subscribers

Still, the most direct method is using Google Analytics, but this only really works of you have built a smart funnel. Obviously, to get the whole picture entrepreneurs should also factor in lifetime value of each lead and customer, access to their social network and referrals, and their lifetime value.

2. Strategy

Too many small businesses and even many marketing agencies spend way too much time hunting the big fish and spending a ton of money trying to get on the highest ranking sites. Some of these can be valuable, but unless you are doing this as press releases with guaranteed minimum syndication it frequently ends in burning resources.

Instead seek out highly relevant sites that are welcoming guest posts, or that may even be willing to exchange guest blogs. Test it, and repost on the most profitable.

Also check out Publiseek, HARO and other 3rd party PR platforms which offer these sources.

3. Write Better

Focus on writing or commissioning an expert ghost writer to craft higher quality content. Serve up excellent content and become established as the expert in your industry and you???ll receive plenty of requests.

Link to your Google Authorship/ Google+ pages to increase your status as a writer and make it easy for others to get in contact with you.

4. Better Keywords & Linking

In the wake of Google???s latest ranking updates back links must be diversified in order to be effective. In other words; use a variety of anchor text links pointing back to your site.

You can also get the edge here by regularly performing new keyword searches. Backed up with Google Insights or Google Trends you can quickly spot which phrases are trending up in search volume and have little competition, providing an easy opening to get the edge and see more results for less effort and expense.

5. Promote Your Posts

It???s the fine details that matter the most, and where many completely flop. Don???t leave it to chance a guest blog post will be a hit, or miss the opportunity to capitalize on the extra credibility it can provide.

Make sure your host spreads the word, and post links on your on social media platforms. If it???s a really good piece or on a very notable site you may even consider Facebook???s promoted posts to give it an additional boost.

6. Link to the Money

Guest blog posts should never be blatant sales ads, however, they should include real calls to action. More importantly, links and calls to action should flow directly to your ???money makers???. If not your main product, a subscription page, free trial, or lower level product with exceptionally high conversion rates. Once automated this set up alone could go on producing income for a decade by itself.

Ready to Engage in a Truly Profitable Guest Blogging Blitz?

Social network conceptGot something to share, want better brand visibility and more web traffic?

For a lot less time and money than it takes you to come up with a post, hire and manage a writer or take the time out to do it, find opportunities, and pay for them you can get a whole suite of inbound marketing done for you with G-Code.

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