The Inside Scoop on Twitter Advertising for Small Business…

Twitter ads are here for small business and independent entrepreneurs. So are they really the best guerrilla marketing tool since social media was invented, or a poor ROI mimic of Facebook ads?

Twitter has long been used as a barometer of success for online business.  Some retailers have reported Twitter alone has grown their sales in excess of 40%, and according to @TwitterSmallBiz 30% of users were already Tweeting about holiday shopping before October.

With the Twitter IPO using this social media platform is likely to become far more important too.

So what are the best ways to use Twitter advertising for your small business, where are the traps that will suck your marketing budget dry, and what tricks will deliver the biggest treats to your bottom line?

We tested it for you – here’s the scoop.


Twitter offers a couple of advertising options for small business and independent professionals.


Promoted Accounts

Now when you follow anyone on Twitter you’ll see several other suggested Twitter handles to follow. Promoted Accounts allows you to get your handle to show up in this high profile section and gain more followers. You can even choose who to align yourself and your company with as a powerful positioning tool.

Promoted Tweets

Business users can also use the Promoted Tweets feature to get their Tweets front and center in the eyesight of the Twitter users they want to connect with. This can help kick off the viral spread of a post or promotion.

3 Tweaks to Twitter Success

  1. Leverage the targeting options to hone in on your ideal prospects. Choose by location, targeting followers of specific Twitter accounts, interests and keywords
  2. Timing is critical. Know when your prospects are most receptive and use Scheduled Tweets to get in front of them at exactly the right moment
  3. Check out Twitter Cards for adding multimedia and driving direct downloads for apps

The Pros of Using Twitter Ads for Your Small Business:

  • Build your following fast for credibility and spreading the word
  • Kick-start viral campaigns
  • Get Tweets in front of online influencers that will promote for you
  • No need to manage teams of social media �?experts’, and no 3rd party fees that will dig into your marketing budget
  • Eliminates need for buying software or jeopardizing your account with black hat tactics
  • Every penny of your budget goes direct to lead generation, not paying an intermediary

The Cons of Using Twitter Ads for Your Small Business:

  • It appears to be significantly more expensive than Facebook ads or Google Adwords
  • Quality of followers can be extremely poor (you may not care if you have an extremely generic product, but Christian business owners certainly don’t want to pay to add atheists and adult film stars that rant against their business and will immediately un-follow
  • Cannot target by both Twitter handles and interests simultaneously as with Facebook ads

The Bottom Line on Tweeting for Dollars:

Social Media MarketingIf you havent yet grab the Twitter handles that are best for your business now.

Using paid Twitter ads and promoted Tweets or accounts can be an incredibly beneficial strategy for rocketing your Twitter following and getting influencers to spread the word for you.

Twitter ads allow small business owners and Christian entrepreneurs to do this without having to gamble on other 3rd party services. So you get traction faster, gain increased visibility and credibility quickly, and aren’t taking risks with precious marketing money and startup capital.

It also appears that followers gained in this way stick, whereas the followers many other services deliver disappear as quickly as they come on board, leading to wasted dollars and a poor net ROI.

However, it isn’t for everyone and each business must customize their own strategy. Some products and services work well on Twitter, and some not so well. Or at least what works is completely different.

For example a local restaurant or Christian business may find it a struggle to scale Twitter advertising affordably. An app developer, night club promoter or magazine which covers celebrity gossip may find it an extremely high ROI rapid development tool.

Twitter for Small BusinessHashtagThe key is knowing your customers and honing in on them with the right message at the right time.

Still, from G-Code Magazine’s testing (while cheaper than LinkedIn) Twitter ads can easily be 3 times as costly as Facebook ads or Google Adwords!

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