augmented reality apps, augmented reality marketing advertisingAugmented reality is here. There is a short window of opportunity for forward thinking entrepreneurs and businesses to leverage it and take the lead in their industries, but it won???t be long before it becomes as essential as having a Facebook page or a website.

So how can startups and businesses of all size wield this game changing technology to rocket brand awareness, dominate market share, and increase loyalty, response rates and conversions affordably?


The Game Changer

Until now many have failed to seriously explore augmented reality (AR) for their business marketing. Others have thought it too complicated, too expensive, and not main stream enough to be used to connect with consumers or B2B prospects effectively and on the scale they need. This all changed in November 2013 with the roll out of the G-Cloud.

So how can every startup, small brick and mortar retailer, Christian online business, boutique custom home builder, and large nationwide real estate chain or independent home based entrepreneur leverage AR technology and applications on a budget, and without even being a geek?

The G-Cloud Pivot

While a fun and basic augmented reality app G-Code???s new ???Digital EZ Button???, and the G-Cloud publishing platform actually accomplished something that hadn???t really ever been done before and unwittingly ushered in a new era for small business and mobile marketing with highly practical and rapidly rewarding applications, while changing the print industry for good.

The G-Cloud suite of interactive, virtual reality posters doesn???t just enable entrepreneurs, home based workers, CEOs and passersby to beam in inspiration, trending topics, essential how-tos or even just engage in the conversation.

It smashed the Glass ceiling and put affordable and easy to implement augmented reality applications in the hands of every entrepreneur and enterprise.

This can now be leveraged by virtual anyone with a great message, product or service, without ever knowing how to type a line of code, or having to spend a mint, or fork out huge sign on bonuses for top developers.

So how can you use the G-Cloud to promote your business, product or service, what new developments will allow your organization to do even more with it, and how can you completely customize it for a variety of in office, retail and high ROI direct response marketing applications?

Augmented Reality Marketing via G-Cloud

The advantages include:

  1. Low cost
  2. High ROI
  3. Fast to deploy
  4. Already in the hands of consumers
  5. Easy and effective mobile marketing bridge from offline to online and vice versa
  6. No coding necessary
  7. Dramatically enhance response rates and conversion ratios
  8. Right time, right place, right medium, highly targeted marketing
  9. Maximizes opportunities where leads were lost in the past
  10. Huge branding and buzz benefits

Applications include:

  • Displaying art
  • Swipe to play music
  • Swipe to view video
  • Gamification for increasing loyalty
  • Appointment setting 24/7
  • Providing access to live Mayday style help
  • Closing sales face-to-face remotely
  • Generating hot live inbound phone leads

Fully Customizable AR Marketing Medium

The G-Cloud platform can be fully customized for any business, marketer and marketing agency.

Sponsor an interactive poster, magazine or coffee table book and G-Code can fully customize the visuals with your branding, images and message, as well as the individual buttons and features for streaming content, building social, providing live support, click 3 call for inbound phone leads and more.

This provides huge benefits, affordability and maximum ROI thanks to current placements in offices, in startup hubs, in homes, and on the street.

Augmented Reality Advertising Options for Your Business

This concept has endless potential for being fully customized for any business in any industry completely separate to what G-Code Magazine has done.

Use this same technology for affordable augmented reality advertising that will blow customers??? minds and blow away the competition in any industry.

4 potential applications for rolling out your own AR campaigns???

1. Augmented Reality for Enhancing Retail Sales

3D, virtual reality window displays can do wonders for increasing foot traffic, driving up sales and increasing business 24/7 even when you are closed, smashing old school TV displays and their horrible ROI.

Tips for applying it:

  • Link to offers to bring window shoppers in and drive instant sales
  • Get your brand and product embedded in consumers??? mobile devices so they take you with them
  • Incorporate appointment setting so no lead is ever lost
  • Offer 24/7 virtual assistance via live chat, social, or video chat for closing more sales
  • Add social links and feeds to enable easy, live sharing and recommendation of your brand and products

2. Augmented Reality Applications for Printers & Marketing Agencies

iPhone and Android augmented reality apps can be integrated with endless print uses to give printers, advertising agencies and digital marketers a huge advantage in the marketplace.

So of the ways to offer enhanced options to help give clients the edge and retain customers seeking digital and mobile strategies include incorporating AR technology into???

  • Direct mail postcards
  • Posters
  • Custom clothing
  • Promotional products
  • Flyers
  • Tradeshow displays
  • Coupons
  • Signage
  • Packaging including pizza boxes that become video games
  • Fabric like kids??? bed sheets that tell 3D bedtime stories

3. Augmented Reality for Real Estate Marketing

The first home builders, investors and real estate agents to incorporate augmented reality in their marketing will have the ability to effortlessly blow away the competition, dramatically increase conversions and send their real estate marketing ROI through the roof!

Potential applications here can be incorporating G-Cloud style AR technology in yard signs, direct mail, outdoor advertising, print advertising (in any publication) and in open houses.

Perhaps most stunning will be using these iPhone and Android AR apps in open houses where home buyers will be able to scan and get all the details they want on where their wood floors came from, where the art came from, how exquisite finishings were shipped in from exotic locations, which elements offer increased health benefits and eco-friendliness and even allow prospects to play with interior design options on the spot for personalizing the space ??? creating instant offers.

Beyond just crushing it with buyers, this means picking up a plethora of new listings with ease.

4. Faith Based Organizations & Nonprofits

Augmented reality is also a huge blessing and can make dramatic positive differences in the fund raising, growth and effectiveness nonprofits, faith based organizations like churches and social enterprises can have, while sky rocketing the impact they can make with each dollar.

Use these AR tools for making materials pop to life in 3D video for emotional connections, signing up and coordinating volunteers, increasing mobile app downloads and increasing sharing and donations.

Want to find out more about how you can leverage these cutting edge mobile, marketing and branding tools yourself easily and affordably.

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