HR Ninja: Tips for Dealing with Holiday Requests How can small business owners and entrepreneurs effectively deal with holiday requests and still keep their enterprises operational?

It???s that time of the year again. It is the perfect time to launch a startup or give your business a huge boost in sales on buoyant holiday shopping. Yet, it can also quickly become a complete disaster that derails your organization, results in hobbling into the New Year crippled, and gives the competition the lead.

So how can you become an HR ninja and give your team members some time off around the holidays without hurting your operation?

1. Use Remote Staff to Fill in

Use outsourced staff to cover positions temporarily while different team members rotate out. Check out oDesk for a huge range of freelance providers from virtual assistants to data entry staff, writers, graphic designers, phone agents and more.

Hot Tip: Note that these freelancers are often busier than ever at this time of the year so post job ads early, screen and reserve them for the time you need.

2. Unlimited Time Off

Allowing unlimited time off is fast becoming a perk by the hottest tech companies and startups. If you play scrooge you could find your top talent ends up joining the giant pool of workers that jump ship to new jobs after the first of January each year.

Odds are 99% won???t abuse these policies and will often take less days out each year. If they have permission with sufficient notice and providing objectives are met they are far less likely to disappear sick at the worst moments.

3. Take the Lead

Sometimes the biggest problem is getting staff to take the time off they need to actually remain at their best. Many don???t want to leave the mission in the lurch, can???t afford to take unpaid time off especially around the holidays, or just leave vacation planning and holiday requests until the last moment.

Beat all of these issues by taking a proactive approach and allocating them specific days or weeks off in advance.

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