How To: 4 Quick Tips To Awesomize Your Website Photography

Check out these easy hacks to dramatically improve images and photography for your website, blog or self-publishing your own book. Google loves original images, visitors like seeing fresh and unique pics, and visuals can make all the difference in not only sporting an awesome looking website or blog, but in converting traffic to paying customers […]

Entrepreneurs Rethink Traditional Spaces With Shipping Containers [Part 1]

Reusing old materials to make something new, now that???s a creative start for any new business. Many entrepreneurs aren???t afraid to rethink their businesses space using shipping containers.   Shipping containers are used all over the world to send products overseas. But what happens after they?re used? Many are tossed a side and forgotten about. […]

Creative Real Estate Funding For Faith Based Organizations

Which are the best sources of funding for faith based organizations and their real estate today? How can faith based organizations overcome the hurdles in their way, raise the funds they need and maximize their potential for creating a positive impact and fulfilling their missions? Despite individuals re-embracing faith in huge numbers today???s anti-Christian climate […]

Cost Reduction Strategies That Boost Profits & Competitiveness!

These exact cost saving, profit boosting strategies and tactics have been used to slash the fat and up the bottom line at multi-billion dollar revenue generating corporations, and can give small businesses owners the edge… PLUS – where to find interest free small business loans. “Every successful entrepreneur has honed their marketing strategy, brand positioning, […]

4 Faith Based Online Social Networks

Faith based social networks offer invaluable networking, support systems and platforms for increased visibility for spiritual entrepreneurs and business owners. If you’ve committed to starting or building a God-centric, ethical business you’re going to need to surround yourself with all of the likeminded individuals you can. Here are four faith based social networks to check […]