??????????????????Eager to replicate the success systems of today’s most famous ‘self-made’ billionaires? G-Code deciphers how they did it, the best paths to take, key habits and the secret ingredient no one is talking about…

The Paths Billionaires Take…

According to research on the world’s 1,426 billionaires in 2013 Funders and Founders tracked the paths they took, and discovered…

  • 960 are considered ‘self-made’ billionaires
  • 830 made money from multiple businesses versus 130 from just one
  • Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, and Elon Musk all started out at 12 years old
  • Many started out with meager sales jobs
  • Head of vacuum cleaner brand Dyson failed over 5,000 times
  • Richard Branson has started over 30 entrepreneurial ventures
  • Many had several business startups in between making their first million and first billion

So it pays to be an entrepreneur, but you may not have a choice anyway…

Why Everyone Must Become an Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t just cool, fulfilling, exciting or more pleasurable and profitable than working for the man; in one way or another (and despite what Marissa Mayer does), we’ll all be entrepreneurs soon.

According to Entrepreneur.com here’s 6 reasons why:

  1. Freelancers cost 30% less than employees, so companies hire more independent contractors
  2. In Asia software developer salaries run 10-30% of those in the U.S.
  3. Robots can do twice the manual labor for almost an eight of the expense as humans
  4. Corporations are turning in-house staff into entrepreneurs that have more freedom
  5. Tech companies are simply buying out competitors to keep top talent
  6. Small businesses owners and core employees are wearing more and more hats

Hamster auf dem LaufradNot sure you are totally cut out to be tossed from the hamster wheel yet? Still have a few pieces of the puzzle to put together? Or maybe you are already running your own small business and need a way to get the edge?

Well research from Online PHD Programs shows a few habits of the world’s smartest people that may help…

4 Habits of the Super-Smart:

  1. The don’t just write down goals, they share them with friends
  2. They read!
  3. More disciplined when it comes to having sex
  4. Those with the highest IQs go to bed the latest

Dollars. Background from packs off money.They also tend to give back in huge ways, and many of the world’s wealthiest don’t plan to let it rot when they pass on. Read what the super-rich are deciding to do with all of their wealth to create the legacies most important to them in Build The Legacy You Envision In 24 Months

This only leaves one question or element that few, if any are talking about:

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