#ShopSmall, Give Big & The 411 On The Bible Money Code For Thanksgiving Weekend


giving heart, biblical money code,#ShopSmall, Give Big, The money code 411.Bible Money Code, Thanksgiving WeekendHere we go! Let the shopping begin! Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are coming back to back. But what about the giving?

Are you ditching the bible money code this weekend, and this season? Is there a way to enjoy shopping, supporting small business, giving and stay true to the bible’s code for money?

The Money Code 411 on Thanksgiving Weekend Shopping for the Spiritually Minded:

Some stores are foregoing the Thanks and the turkey to get right to the sales this year. Venture Beat forecasts a record $5 billion sales weekend this year. But what should spiritually minded, socially conscious and Christian entrepreneurs be buying, not buying, and investing in?

There is little question that Thanksgiving day should be kept sacred by anyone remotely God conscious and thankful for their religious freedom and freedom of speech, no matter how small that is today.

Even those simply looking for more success and personal development can see wonders from spending a day focused and meditating on gratitude.

The really big challenge is balancing peer and media pressure, and family obligations with social good and being good stewards of what we have been blessed with.

Putting aside fancy codes from texts like the bible, the real money code for all – and this above all should be the main question is “is this the best use of this money, and being a good steward of it?”

How to Spend Like a Billionaire Trust Fund Baby & Socialite and Feel Good About it…

On the above many may feel the grip of guilt, tighten their purse strings, put the credit cards in the freezer and turn off the TV commercials for the next few days. However, being a good steward doesn’t mean holiday shopping can’t be enjoyed, or shouldn’t.

Maybe it’s more about what you buy and for whom?

As much as we’d all love to max out our black cards on lavish sports cars, new entertainment systems and fashion this weekend, it doesn’t take much of a conscious to figure out that probably isn’t the best form of stewardship. At least not unless 100% of the proceeds are going to charity.

So what can you buy and feel good about it?

Everyone including Christian entrepreneurs and founders of social startups can enjoy buying essential items they already need but can demonstrate better stewardship by getting a better deal on it right now, such as…

  • Office supplies
  • Subscriptions and educational programs
  • Books
  • Gifts for family, friends and the needy
  • Events for next year
  • Household basics
  • Clothing
  • Business tools
  • Food

Basically, if you are going to spend the money on it anyway it’s actually better stewardship to shop Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sales.

And, yes, G-Code Magazine has published a Top Holiday Gift Idea List, is running a sale this weekend and is offering Founders Club membership entrance from just $0.97 cents.

But that isn’t what this is about…

Shop Small – Give Big!

While our magazines, books and motivational posters provide huge value and an abundance of inspiration we’d rather you shop small for your essentials and support small businesses in order to save big this weekend. And then Give Big with your savings!

Give to charity: water, scoop up GlobalGiving gift cards and help others give, give to a socially conscious crowdfunding campaign, give to support your church, give to individuals in desperate need.

If after all that you have 97 cents left – join the Founders Club and we’ll invest it all in helping you multiply what you are blessed with so that you can shop more and give more next year.

That’s good stewardship, that’s the bible money code, that’s the money code 411 on giving and shopping for this holiday season!

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