The Biblical Money Code – Busted!


Does the Biblical Money Code really work?

News of the minister and investment advisor Sean Hyman hacking what he calls the Biblical Money Code has gone viral. But does this bible money code which is reportedly based upon the wisdom of trillionaire King Solomon and Jesus of Nazareth really work, or is it just another scam?

NEW: Does Sean Hyman’s ‘Biblical Money Code’ Really Work?

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Using the Secrets of the Bible Money Code to Bank Big

ADN évolution dollarThere is no question that the bible text if full of ‘codes’ and there are volumes of savvy money management and investment advice within the scripture.

Sean Hyman’s introduction to his interpretation and deciphering of the code certainly has some strong points, and has not only helped him to make some winning stock picks, but the same principals have been helping the elite like Warren Buffett and John Templeton do the same for decades.

Without digging into individual stock picks and graphs the 4 principals of Sean’s strategy as he lays it out in his video introduction on YouTube are:

  1. Getting every penny you have to work hard for you
  2. Due diligence
  3. Finding value
  4. Shunning ‘the love of money’

bible and currencyThis all sounds reasonably biblical and no doubt he, his family and many subscribers of his Ultimate Wealth Report have cashed in big.

However, the whole presentation does fail to really differentiate from every other internet marketing guru out there in style. Some may not care if they are selling trinkets in the temple of the Sabbath as long as the returns are huge.

But for those that do is this ‘biblical money code’ a scam?

Not Christian Investing?

Dubbed ‘Christian Investing’ the ‘bible money code’ has one major flaw that can’t be ignored…

Again, the points being stated about finding value, not allowing money to be slothful, and completing thorough due diligence are all sound. However, besides the fact that this product which is “not a get rich quick scheme”, but smells a lot like one the investment guru misses one huge glaring error which even non-Christian, ethical business leaders are fast to point out today…

No matter how great your stock picks and intentions this is not pure ‘Christian Investing’ because these recommended companies being traded in the stock market are publicly owned.

“They are all controlled by all sorts of shareholders; many with anything but a Christ like agenda”

For the most part they are all about ‘the love of money’. And despite the founder’s and CEO’s best intentions once they fall prey to the lure of an IPO it’s pretty much all over. They that cannot be God lead due to regulation to put shareholders first. Look at Apple and the Jobs ouster. Now we have the Microsoft and Bill Gates ouster; Gates – who is one of the biggest philanthropists. Even HTC which is reportedly Christian entrepreneur led is going to have a tough time maintaining biblical principles.

Twitter has its billion dollar #IPO laid out, and it certainly may have value as users catch onto new marketing options as G-Code Magazine lays out the 411 on ‘Twitter Advertising for Small Business’. However, as a Christian investor or just as an ethical one you can’t expect the company to consistently deliver great returns and adhere to your personal moral code.

God might be a capitalist as indicated in a recent Forbes report, but in contrast to some of the above listed companies we also have newer startups like bCircled which is a free Christian Social Business Community, G-Code Magazine, charity: water, and ‘common’ as well as small fledgling businesses in third world countries which are all serious about doing stuff that matters and doing it ethically.

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3 Takeaways from the REAL Biblical Money Code:

If you really want to get biblical about investing or starting a business there are 3 critical takeaways from the scripture (and no you don’t have to pay for them)…

1. The REAL Purpose

Shed the love of money. Money isn’t bad itself, but – the real purpose for starting any business, making any investment, getting up in the morning and why we are here is only to Glorify God. So if it doesn’t pass this smell test ditch it and keep searching.

2. Unity

One of the most prominent themes throughout the scriptures and certainly essential for any deciphering of a biblical money code is Unity. The churches of the New Testament prospered in unity, the 5,000 was provided for from just a few fishes and loaves of bread in unity, God dropped manna from the sky to his people when gathered together in the Old Testament and even crooks like Laban and Jacob prospered when they worked together. So Sean; apologies for any lack of unity in this review of your Biblical Money Code. I am sure it will be valuable and is published with the best intentions and your advice can serve many well if stocks are their thing.

3. Faith & Clarity

Sean Hyman quotes Sir Jon Templeton on prayer as a precursor to making any good investment as well as getting away from the madness of Wall Street for clarity.

Similarly the scripture says:

“…Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

3a90b3b4-cc37-48bd-90b8-8fbb50b08652However, as the passage continues it also says this formidable strength from faith comes only from prayer and fasting. As we’ve also seen from Steve Jobs’ and Albert Einstein’s ‘eureka’ moments quiet time in thought is essential for breakthrough innovation and success. So find your desert and tap into a higher power.

On this note – reach out and invest or start that inspired business or investment in faith; no matter how little you have. It is far more commendable to step out and to give when finances are lean that when the grain houses and investment accounts are full – anyone can do that with no faith at all.

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