The Biblical Money Code Unlocked: The 411 On The Bible’s Real Prosperity Code


Bible Money Code UnwrappedSean Hyman, minister and investment adviser, has tapped into people’s desire for more money, and it is upon this basis that he is reaping incredible amounts of attention by promoting his expertise in stock market investment.

Packaging his skills under the banner of The Biblical Money Code, he enthusiastically tells listeners that all the secrets to acquiring wealth can be found in the Bible and that anyone can apply these secrets to rapidly grow their finances. This may be nothing more than a savvy business move, but it certainly sparks many questions.

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The 411 on the Biblical Money Code 

It is well known that the Bible does have a code, but it is not just a money code: it is a Prosperity code, one that applies to the spirit and not to the physical accumulation of money (which is but a by-product of a prosperous spirit).

The Prosperity Code of the Bible is relevant to everyone, everywhere. For the purpose of this article, Prosperity is defined as ‘abundance in every area of life’ – amazing relationships, fantastic health, joy and laughter, the fulfilling of one’s true potential, the inspiring of others, a beautiful and harmonious home, an income to meet all needs, and time to nurture the spirit within – pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

The code to true prosperity (of which money is but one small aspect) can be found throughout the Scriptures. Here are a few examples:

1: Ask first for an understanding heart (1 Kings 3.9)

When the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream, he said: Ask what I shall give thee.

Solomon knew that he had been given a great role, one that saw him ruling over many people. And yet he did not ask for a long life, for riches for himself, or for the heads of his enemies. Instead he asked for an understanding heart so that he may judge between good and bad. This one request saw him receive riches and honor too.

It is every person’s duty, in every area of their life, to discern between right and wrong, and good or bad. Seek therefore an understanding heart, so that all of your decisions are of benefit.

2: Ignore the lions (Daniel 7.22)

The thought of being cast into a lion’s den, where several hungry mouths are waiting to devour, could shake the foundations of any belief system. But not Daniels! He knew his relationship with the Lord, and he knew that he had nothing to fear. So he turned his back on the lions.

The lions are the fears that haunt us; the doubts that cause us to stumble. But with a full understanding of our relationship with the infinite power of God, nothing can actually touch or harm us. Therefore to make changes in one’s life, one must turn away from that which is feared the most (e.g. failure, poverty, ill health) and look instead towards the light of God.

3: Be faithful over a few things (Math 25: 21)

Each person is given a natural talent, a gift to be expressed upon Earth. When one acknowledges this gift and seeks to increase that which has been freely given by God, more is added to them. This natural gift stays with a person throughout life, yet so few have the courage to develop this gift, preferring instead to hide it in the ground and focus on other things. And then, when life is not working out as they wish, when they are weeping and gnashing their teeth, they begin making excuses as to why they have not fulfilled their hopes and dreams in life.

With an understanding heart, you will know what your gifts are. Focus on these and invest your time in their development. Then you shall surely walk the path of abundance, for more shall continually be given to you, in the form of ideas, skills, resources, money, opportunities, etc

4: Let down your nets (Luke 5.4)

cast your netsThere is a scene where Jesus enters into Simon’s ship, from which he proceeds to teach people. When he finishes speaking, he instructs Simon to cast his nets, but in response Simon says that he has toiled all night and has caught nothing. However, at Jesus’ word, he casts his net, catching so many fish that his net start to break.

This is such a symbolic statement of life, in that people feel as though they toil for hours without ever getting anywhere, a situation that confirms lack as opposed to abundance. With unwavering faith in the guidance of the spirit, spending many hours trying to get somewhere without a result becomes a thing of the past. Nurture your relationship with God, so that when you are instructed to cast your nets, you do so without question, reaping marvelous rewards for your efforts.

By Joanne St.Clair

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Joanne St. Claire profile picJoanne St.Clair is an author (Statue in the Square, Costa del Social) and founder of Naked Raver, a company that creates and publishes music, books and art that enhance the beauty of a woman’s mind. A graduate of Aerospace Engineering and an experienced lecturer in this field, she has held a long-term fascination with the application of spiritual principles and the underlying belief systems that govern the path to creating ‘Heaven upon Earth’ in the life of the individual. 

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