The Money Code 411: The Bible’s Money Code in 5 Quick Steps


5 Quick Steps to Breaking Down the Bible’s Money Code…

Money Code 411, Christian investing and the Bible Money CodeThere has been a lot of talk about the bible’s money code recently. Much of this has not just stemmed from faith trending in a huge way, but financial expert Sean Hyman’s Money Code 411 video on how to get rich using biblical money codes for ‘Christian investing’ in the stock market.

Of course many would argue that this bible money code is only a part of a larger biblical Prosperity Code. Others would shun the idea of making money being anything to do with spirituality at all.

However, while the pursuit of money certainly has its issues few that believe in God could argue with the fact that generating a surplus is in fact very biblical, even if it is only to give it away. And that takes good money management, and we all know that we should be responsible stewards of what has been provided to us.

Christian financial advisor Larry Burkett wrote and taught extensively on this subject. He boiled it down to the need to:

  1. Create a surplus to do God’s work
  2. Practice smart money management to multiply that surplus
  3. Use the biblical money code for budgeting to be able to create a surplus

Whether you want to make millions or just keep your head above water and food on the table it all starts with getting your monthly budgeting right…

Larry Burkett dug into the bible to break it all down to 5 elements for a biblically sound budget…

5 Factors to Budgeting According to the Bible Money Code 411:

  1. Tithe – This is just giving back to God what is already his
  2. Taxes – “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”, plus it will save you a ton of pain
  3. Pay your debts – Will save a ton in extra interest that could be better used elsewhere
  4. Expenses – Take care of your family and live within your means
  5. Surplus – Create and grow a surplus

In order to put all of this into play effectively there are 5 essential steps to take and for many this may mean going back to the drawing board to start from scratch.

5 Steps to Applying the Bible Money Code in Your Life for More Surplus:

  1. Recognize what is all about – your purpose
  2. Determine your ultimate goals
  3. Write down your budget as a road map for getting there
  4. Research methods of generating or multiplying your surplus ethically and in line with the bible’s money code
  5. Execute

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