Faith based social networks offer invaluable networking, support systems and platforms for increased visibility for spiritual entrepreneurs and business owners.

If you’ve committed to starting or building a God-centric, ethical business you’re going to need to surround yourself with all of the likeminded individuals you can.

Here are four faith based social networks to check out…

1. bCircled

bCircled is a unique social network designed for Christian entrepreneurs. Post updates, connect, and even generate income from the business side of the platform which offers the chance to “get paid to make friends�?. bCircled recently launched a new mobile app to make it even easier to stay in the loop too.

2. Faith Village

Faith Village is an attractively designed online “social network for faith experiences�?. A place to connect with other Christ followers, debate Christian life and for churches to create online social experiences for their congregations. Just watch out for the trolls trying to use it as a rather un-Christian dating platform.


CBMC is a private online social network connecting Christian business men. Look out for the upcoming 2014 World Convention in Orlando in September.

4. G-Code Magazine

G-Code isn’t just a magazine for Christian entrepreneurs. It’s a hub for connecting and finding the inspiration and empowerment for Christian business women and men, and all those desiring to start or re-align more ethical businesses.

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For the Privacy Conscious…

Of course those that are really serious about their privacy might also like the new Snap Chat and Fire Chat Apps, as well as military grade encryption services like Gold Lock.

Have more faith based social networks you’d like to raise awareness of? Let us know and we’ll add them!