Reusing old materials to make something new, now that???s a creative start for any new business. Many entrepreneurs aren???t afraid to rethink their businesses space using shipping containers.


Shipping containers are used all over the world to send products overseas. But what happens after they?re used? Many are tossed a side and forgotten about. Office spaces, hotel rooms, and restaurants are now turning these containers into new businesses.


Founder of the Detroit Collision Works hotel project says that just one large company like Walmart might bring hundreds of thousands of shipping containers from overseas every year.


???The world needs less plastic gadgets and more community,??? she says. Shel???s Collision Works is building a community focused hotel near Detroit???s Eastern Market. She chose to use shipping containers to evoke the conversation of consumption in America, and to build a hotel with an atmosphere reflective of Detroit. The material is also very strong and modular, ideal for building solid structures.


???They are also a way to build new, refreshing, modern architecture that maintains some of the industrial grit that is signature of cities like ours,??? said Shel. ???We want to make something new out of something familiar.???


Collision Works launched their First Container with the mission to use personal storytelling to engage the community. The larger hotel, when built, will provide a new way for travelers to experience the local community through storytelling. They can arrive and stay while events are produced with local artists, entrepreneurs, and faith based organizations.


Shel is conscious of the role religion plays for the Detroit community. The city is heavily Christian with a variety of other religious gatherings and interfaith communities. Shel is currently organizing educational and entertaining experiences that bring different clergy together at the space.


???People that move here should at the very least be aware of that culture,??? said Shel. ???I was at a meeting last month with an Imam, two Sikhs, a Rabbi, a Buddhist monk and several differently practicing Christians, of all ages and colors. It was spectacular to see everyone trying to support each other.???


Other projects in Detroit include the new home for Social Sushi, two shipping containers built together to form a restaurant outdoors in a park.


As an entrepreneur, would you consider this solution for your home, office, or business space?